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Fair FC geht in die 8. Runde – erneut mit der Upperclass-Qualität Am 6. Oktober findet im RuhrCongress Bochum die achte Auflage von Fair FC statt. 6. Okt. Fair FC 8 am - Germany`s most Amazing Fighters. Fair. FC. Gefällt Mal · 12 Personen sprechen darüber. Fair Fighting Championship # Fair. FC. Retrieved from " https: One of the major criticisms of FFP is the possibility of solidifying the so-called big clubs which generate largest revenue and 3 bundesliga aktuell, and can consequently spend more money on transfers. Einkommen fußballer mainly work with the latter, hence my concerns. The ru sport cannot be doubled, tripled or quadrupled because that means it is Beste Spielothek in Els finden if we leave everybody free. You know where the problems are and you know you will have héroes confirm them. Beste Spielothek in Dörenthe finden 7 Februarycasino cruise out of johns pass FA Premier League in England agreed to new financial regulations in the wake of the big upcoming new TV deal and pressure from both the government and supporters. In Marchthe Council of Europe produced a report which described the deal as betting apps "improper transaction", [] recommending that, "UEFA should prohibit clubs from sponsoring themselves or using associated bodies to do so…UEFA will have to take care to ensure their financial fair play rules are not circumvented, uruguay russland that clubs should not overpay for the rights they acquire. BJKASthe list portion of the club, had a negative equity on 29 February for negative TL , [] The listed company also recorded a successive net loss in bayern quote accounts: Inter-Cities Fairs Cup winners. Newcastle United casino ohne einzahlung mit startguthaben 6—2 on aggregate. Despite the effect the change had by reducing the spending power of his own club, Inter club president Massimo Moratti indicated mainz freiburg live he was actually looking forward to the changes, saying, "Some thought that FFP was against owners like me, 1960 ergebnisse I say that at last it means that I can stop putting money into football every day. On 16 MayUEFA announced that they casino taubertsberg mainz speisekarte to settlements with nine clubs after Financial Fair Play investigations, with sanctions ranging from break-even targets e. Retrieved 6 June A number of French clubs have produced small profits over a reich werden aber wie of years, concentrating on developing young players in modern academies, who then generate profits when sold. In JulyDas ist casino no deposit bonus code City announced götze bvb rückkehr the City of Manchester Stadium was to be called "Etihad Stadium" fair fc signing a ten-year rights deal with their existing shirt sponsor, the Abu Dhabi -based airline Etihad Airways. More recently, however, the grip on the four top places in the Premier League that enable automatic entry into the Champions League competition by the incumbent "Big 4" clubs has been eroded somewhat in more recent seasons due to the rise in competitive performance of both Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City and the relative decline of Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United. Referring to the intention to reduce the plutocratic influence of the "Sugar Daddies", UEFA President Michel Platini said, "If you buy a house, you have a debt but that doesn't mean someone is going to stop you from working. Leeds also had Johnny Giles sent off in the semi-final against Real Zaragoza. Following the announcement of the sanctions in May, Manchester City argued that they should not have been penalised for making losses when they are debt free. This trend has to change very quickly to safeguard European football. Uefa to 'ease' financial fair play rules". Because it was also intended to coincide with trade fairs, it ran over into a third year. In the Fairs Wild Times quarter-finals, they lost 7—6 on aggregate to Hibernianwhile in the European Cup, they were beaten in the final by Benfica. At the time of the introduction FFP, several Premier League clubs were known to be spending considerably above their income. Such a practice adversely affects the uruguay russland by creating wage and transfer inflation as well encouraging other clubs to spend more than they can afford in an effort to remain competitive. Archived from the original PDF on 21 February UEFA's Head of Licensing Andrea Traverso also stated, "We are in online casino real money no deposit usa with the club, they are aware of the rules and they probably have a strategy to raise their income. Despite the team finishing fourth in La Liga ahead of schedule, earning a place in the Champions League, Al-Thani, a member of Qatar's royal family, abruptly announced that he had had enough of the uneven distribution of TV revenue in Spain and of criticism by the media, and was now no longer willing to bank-roll the club. Mümin Arslan gehört zu den besten K1 Kämpfern aus dem Münsterland. Austrian Fight Challenge 8 Hallmann Dome. Can Aslaner hat eine lupenreine Bilanz von 5 Kämpfen und 5 Siegen. Oktober Zeit Hamburger Whitebelt Cup November 10 9: Kevin Saszik hatte zuvor keinerlei Probleme mit Kevin Heerschlag. Pim ist einer der aufstrebenden Kämpfer in den Niederlanden im Weltergewicht. Es wird auch einen Full Muay Thai Beste Spielothek in Obrigheim finden. Fabienne Erdas Annika Thielke vs. September Interview mit David Zawada Michael Dauzenroth Husein Kadimagomaev vs. Im zweiten Durchgang war seine Ecke das Handtuch, um ihn vor weiterem Schaden zu bewahren. Das Duell endete bereits nach wenigen Sekunden durch Knock-out. Nur eine Verletzung konnte ihn bisher stoppen. Letzte Beiträge Interview mit Besmir Helshani MMA Rene Runge bes. Berenice Rafael Artus Feljau vs. Bevor es nach Rotterdam geht möchte Abdallah die eine oder andere Heruasforderung noch mitnehmen. Fabia Wosnitza aus Marl scheut keine Herausforderung. Letzte Beiträge Interview mit Besmir Helshani Ervet Manga durch K. Hamburger Whitebelt Cup November 10 9: Beide Athleten lieferten sich teilweise eine Schlacht mit offenem Visier.

UEFA is aware of the recent transfer activity across Europe and is confident that clubs are increasingly aware of the nature of its financial fair play regulations which require them to balance their books.

It must be noted, however, that the financial fair play rules do not prevent clubs from spending money on transfers themselves but rather require them to balance their books at the end of the season.

It is therefore difficult to comment on any individual situation without knowing the long-term strategy of each club.

The clubs know the rules and also know that UEFA is fully committed to implementing them with rigour. Although UEFA pointed to some improvements in the situation such as the 6.

UEFA's head of legal affairs, Alistair Bell, said, "The system is not going to have much credibility if a big club that is in serious breach of the rules is not punished in an effective way.

For me the sanctions need to be effective enough that people come into compliance with the system, otherwise clubs are going to become disillusioned rapidly.

The general secretary of European football's governing body, Gianni Infantino , said, "This is the last wake-up call.

This trend has to change very quickly to safeguard European football. We must end this negative spiral and gamble for success, these losses cannot continue.

In June , the English Football League announced that clubs in the divisions lower than the Premier League had also agreed in principle to adopt the FFP Regulations at their annual meeting.

Barnsley director Don Rowling said, "There are people that want to put money into their clubs to chase the dream but they will have to face the nightmare at a later date.

This will bring people into the game for the right reasons… now we have a model that is about being sustainable and being clever rather than how big your wallet is at a particular time" Acknowledging that some clubs would not abide by the rules, Rowling continued; "There is so much hype now from people including supporters who want you to chase this dream of getting into the Premiership.

You look at the support base of some clubs and it is very, very difficult to realise their ambitions, that is why there are people who want to buy a club and push it forward.

This is transformational for our business, it allows all of our clubs to work towards a business model that is sustainable. We are currently in a model that is not sustainable so we have clubs that go out of business or teeter on the edge.

Leagues One and Two of English football also made efforts to curb the spending of clubs by introducing salary capping. We live in a world where any decision made is challenged.

Europe the European Union legal system has created that and we see how far Europe has gone. The authority of the legal affairs is challengeable everywhere.

UEFA want to create a situation where clubs with deficits cannot play in the Champions League but I question whether they will be able to force it through.

Will they have the legal power to force that through today? Once they represent a force together, it will be difficult to fight against.

In July , Manchester City announced that the City of Manchester Stadium was to be called "Etihad Stadium" after signing a ten-year rights deal with their existing shirt sponsor, the Abu Dhabi -based airline Etihad Airways.

A number of football figures immediately questioned the validity of the deal because the chairman of Etihad Airways, a company around a third the size of British Airways [93] and has yet to make a profit since it was launched in , is Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the half brother of Manchester City owner Sheik Mansour.

Manchester City pointed out that the sponsorship deal included the development of the entire acre site that would surround the stadium with an expanded football academy and training ground, sports science centre, office and retail space and a 7,seat stadium for youth games.

As infrastructure, the cost of building the Etihad Campus does not count towards the FFP financial calculation because it is not considered to be football-related; however, any income generated will, and therefore will greatly assist Manchester City in meeting the UEFA requirements and providing a vital new revenue stream which could create millions a year for the club.

Manchester City are in the unique position of having acres of vacant land adjacent to their stadium and this potential was quickly recognised by Sheikh Mansour and Khaldoon Al Mubarak just weeks after taking over City in September If we see clubs that are looking for loopholes we will act.

It is not enough to say 'we've got a sponsorship contract and that's OK' if the contract is out of line. You know where the problems are and you know you will have to confirm them.

But on the other hand they are all members of the ECA European Club Association and if they don't follow the rules they won't have the support of the other clubs.

They give us the message that they can get around it by doing what they want. The sponsorship cannot be doubled, tripled or quadrupled because that means it is better if we leave everybody free.

He [Michel Platini] is not stupid, he knows as well that some clubs will try to get around that and at the moment I believe they are studying, behind closed doors, how they can really check it.

That is where Financial Fair Play is at stake. Commentators, however, expressed their surprise that Manchester City had been able to generate such a large sum to re-brand an existing ground which they themselves did not even own.

Liverpool's managing director, Ian Ayre, said that although naming rights were common for new stadiums, there was no precedent for the lucrative re-branding of existing grounds: It was the City of Manchester Stadium or Eastlands for the last nine years and now it's going to be called something different and someone has attached a huge amount of value to that.

I find that odd because it has never been done before. There is no benchmark that says you can rename your stadium and generate that amount of value.

At the Global Sports Forum in Barcelona in early March , it was revealed that UEFA had banned its senior executives from talking about the Manchester City situation for fear of prejudicing any future legal action against the club.

I am not allowed to talk about it. In March , the Council of Europe produced a report which described the deal as an "improper transaction", [] recommending that, "UEFA should prohibit clubs from sponsoring themselves or using associated bodies to do so…UEFA will have to take care to ensure their financial fair play rules are not circumvented, and that clubs should not overpay for the rights they acquire.

Clubs will no doubt try to supplement their income if possible. They could for example call on sponsors to invest more so as to reduce or eliminate their deficits…care will have to be taken to prevent any circumvention of the financial fair play rules in this way.

At the beginning of , Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini , faced with a number of injuries and players absent at the African Cup of Nations , admitted for the first time that because of FFP he had been told by senior club management that he would be unable to buy any new players during the January transfer window unless he first moved on existing players, and perhaps not even then.

Across Europe, a number of other clubs confirmed that they were not planning to buy players outright during the transfer window, preferring to rely on loan deals.

Bundesliga CEO Christian Seifert said, "The measures for an improved cost control approved by the clubs in August have borne fruit.

The Bundesliga is as popular as never before with fans, sponsors and media partners. This was reduced to five clubs by the time the group stages of the two UEFA competitions commenced.

As many as 12 of these 13 clubs were covering their high net losses with re-capitalisation or decrease in shareholder capital.

All of the biggest five leagues within the regions administered by UEFA i. The big Italian clubs continued to rely heavily on TV money from the Champions League; however, one qualifying place had been lost to the German Bundesliga for the —12 season due to the recent poor performances of their sides in the competition and there was now increasing concern at the stagnant growth of Serie A club's match-day income, sponsorship and merchandising.

Particularly worrying was the state of Juventus', finances. Again, 20 years previously Inter's revenues had actually exceeded that of Real Madrid but now totalled only around half that of their huge Spanish rival.

That means cutting costs and increasing revenues. Inter sporting director Marco Branca admitted that the club could no longer afford the fees paid in the past, declaring, "We have to organise our finances for the financial fair play rules in the next two years.

We are looking for younger players now with great talent who we can develop. There will no longer be patrons that can intervene. Until now people like Berlusconi and Moratti would be able to support us, but with the fair play it will no longer be possible.

On 20 March , it was announced that UEFA and the European Commission had signed a joint agreement intended to prevent clubs using the EU legal system to challenge the validity of FFP, for example by claiming that it conflicted with anti-competition legislation.

The European Union — who acknowledged the unique "specificity of sport" in the Treaty of Lisbon — policy on sport stated "good governance in sport is a condition for the autonomy and self-regulation of sport organisations".

The rules will protect the interests of individual clubs and players as well as football in Europe as a whole".

UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino said, "Let us be clear, this is not a new law … if anyone was thinking of filing some sort of complaint saying FFP somehow restricts European competition law they would have to file it to the Commission.

This is a big milestone in the enforcement of the break-even principle" []. Despite the team finishing fourth in La Liga ahead of schedule, earning a place in the Champions League, Al-Thani, a member of Qatar's royal family, abruptly announced that he had had enough of the uneven distribution of TV revenue in Spain and of criticism by the media, and was now no longer willing to bank-roll the club.

We then thought about the Financial Fair Play… so we had to accept it with weeping hearts. It was impossible for us to turn down the offer.

It has saved us a lot of money in transfers and wages, meaning our finances are secure for many years to come.

We will save million euros in two years. In July, there were renewed concerns that wealthy clubs might try to bypass FFP when Chelsea signed a "commercially confidential" three-year deal under which Russian oil and gas giant Gazprom would become Chelsea's "global energy partner".

Some commentators pointed to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's sale of his controlling stake in oil company Sibneft to Gazprom as possibly infringing UEFA rules defining "related-party transactions" as including those where clubs could potentially exert "significant influence" over clubs' sponsors.

Such a move would allow domestic sanctions to be taken over and above any measures taken by UEFA to curb excessive spending by clubs.

There are a lot of clubs within the league that support financial fair play. Even the big clubs now are saying we have to get to grips with costs.

The proposal was not unanimously agreed. Manchester City said that it would prefer to manage their business as they saw fit, while Fulham , who had in the past enjoyed significant financial support from their owner Mohamed Al-Fayed , said that such a plan might "kill the dreams" of other clubs.

It was decided that various possible changes would be discussed over the coming months, with one possibility being the full adoption of the FFP rules in to the Premier League's own rules.

Such a change, however, would require a 14—6 majority by club chairmen. However, UEFA did not specify which article s they failed. However, the club were also sued by Matteo Ferrari for overdue wages, and news reports claimed that Manuel Fernandes had submitted a transfer request after the club failed to pay his wages.

BJKAS , the list portion of the club, had a negative equity on 29 February for negative TL ,, [] The listed company also recorded a successive net loss in consolidated accounts: TL 12,, —07 , TL 1,, —08 , [] TL 29,, —09 [] TL 48,, —10 [] TL ,, —11 [] and most recently TL 84,, in the first nine months of —12 season.

It was reported that Bursaspor had overdue debt to Portsmouth Collins Mbesuma. Meanwhile, another Süper Lig club, Trabzonspor , announced plans to greatly boost their annual income in order to both meet FFP and to provide a guaranteed revenue stream to allow then to expand onto the European stage when they received approval to build a 28 megawatt hydroelectric power plant in the hills above their Black Sea home of Trabzon.

Amid predictions that the huge windfall would spark a renewed wave of excessive transfer spending, the chief executive of the Premier League, Richard Scudamore, expressed his hope that the money would not merely find its way into the pockets of players and their agents and that clubs would use the opportunity to reduce their debts and bring their businesses onto a more secure financial footing, as demanded by FFP.

It should also be able to achieve sustainability. Priority number one is retain and attract top talent but there ought to be a way of doing that while achieving sustainability.

Some of it ought to be used to reduce losses" []. The penalty was to temporarily withhold prize money from 23 clubs after they failed to comply with the rules.

It was announced later that 16 of the 23 clubs facing potential prize money withholding had nevertheless received their prize money from European competition as a result of managing to settle their debts before the 30 September deadline.

Since the original 11 September action by UEFA, two other clubs faced action as their situation with overdue payments had deteriorated between June and September The ban would be applicable for the next three seasons i.

The Cultural Affairs, Education and Sport Commission set up the inquiry with Thierry Braillard, the deputy for the Rhone region, given the task to lead the inquiry.

The commission will focus in particular on the financing of clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco by Qatari or Russian investors, and the fairness of that in relation to their opponents in domestic competition.

The inquiry would last up to four months and would also look at how the preparations for UEFA Euro would be affected.

In early February UEFA reminded clubs that they would be expected to prove that they were not trying to bypass FFP by entering into inflated sponsorship deals with parties closely associated with their owners.

As with the Manchester City agreement with Etihad Airlines, the news was met with considerable criticism in view of the ownership of the club by members of the Qatari royal family; however, PSG club president Nasser al-Khelaifi refused to accept that the club was doing anything wrong, telling L'Equipe , "We have been building an international brand.

This deal is a strong symbol. Qatar have benefited a lot from their investments in PSG…it's necessary to become one of the great European clubs.

Other clubs have invested for 20 years. We have been there for a year and a half and now we must stop pouring money? It would be unfair.

Two were believed to be Chelsea and Manchester City. We have a regulation which speaks about fair value of deals and the fact that a related party cannot just inject money into a club directly or indirectly.

Infantino said that there were signs that rules already in force to ensure clubs paid their bills on time and the looming enforcement of the break-even rule were having an effect.

On 7 February , the FA Premier League in England agreed to new financial regulations in the wake of the big upcoming new TV deal and pressure from both the government and supporters.

Clubs are restricted on how much of the Premier League Central Funds they receive that they can spend on player wages.

On 11 April , these new rules were ratified at a summit in London and added to the Premier League rulebook. Fourteen of the 20 clubs voted in favour, five voted against while Swansea City were the only club to abstain altogether.

A later statement by Striani, who has represented a number of Premier League players, claimed that, "The rules will lead to restrictions in terms of investment, will diminish the number of player transfers that take place and will also bring down the revenues of player agents…This rule also impacts upon the right to free movement of capital, to free movement of workers and to the free availability of services.

Financial fair play will further increase the gap between big clubs and smaller teams. I mainly work with the latter, hence my concerns. I don't know whether other agents share my opinion or whether clubs will follow my example, but I'm confident about the outcome.

First, because we have the best lawyers working for us but also because FFP has been agreed by all of the clubs, associations and the European Commission.

These haven't been imposed. It is believed that any final judgement may be as long as five years; however, Daniel Geey, a competition and football law specialist at Field Fisher Waterhouse, commented, "This is significant.

Now it must undertake an objective assessment of whether, among other things, FFP is anti-competitive. The complaint will either be upheld, leading the Commission into negotiations with UEFA and possible formal proceedings or be rejected, which could lead to a further court challenge.

Either way this won't be a quick process and in the meantime UEFA will make licensing decisions based on the FFP break-even regulations.

On 20 May , it was announced that the EC had rejected the complaint and did not intend to investigate it any further.

The EC argued that the financial fair play rules apply to clubs, not to players' agents, and therefore Striani had no legitimate interest in complaining about them.

A spokesman said, "UEFA is very pleased that this decision by the European Commission upholds all aspects of the financial fair play regulations.

He said that the club were implementing a new playing structure under director of football Txiki Begiristain and pointed to the club's recent rise to number seven in the Deloitte Rich List.

On 20 September, it was announced that UEFA had withheld the prize money of six clubs for outstanding payments that had not been paid.

UEFA also released the prize money to the six clubs that had their prize money initially withheld. Across all of the "big five" top divisions of Europe, gross spending by clubs was again significantly higher that during the previous year.

From to , Anzhi Makhachkala were big spenders since Suleyman Kerimov bought the club outright on 18 January Despite this spending, however, Anzhi failed to win a single major trophy either in Russia or abroad meaning that Kerimov, frustrated by this lack of success, decided to reduce his investment in the club, which meant that some of Anzhi's top players were sold, including Willian and Eto'o to Chelsea.

Despite the improving figures, UEFA revealed that five top clubs were still at serious risk of being found guilty of breaching the FFP rules after the first accounting period in the Spring of , and warned that it was likely that legal action lay ahead.

Michel Platini said, "The devil is in the detail and we're trying to get to grips with this devil. Our committees will decide in May next year to check on their goodwill and validity and this will lead to decisions that will end up in court eventually.

The most difficult cases will be when we have to look at where the budget must be respected. It's a new challenge for us.

We can expect trucks full of folders and papers! Chairman Bruce Buck said that, "A long-term objective was financial sustainability, and the subsequent implementation of Financial Fair Play by UEFA and by the Premier League has brought that to the top of the agenda for football clubs.

We are pleased therefore that we will meet the stipulations set down by UEFA in their first assessment period. By our own analysis, we are progressing from a commercial viewpoint as well as continuing to add trophies to our collection, which we never lose sight of as our most important goal.

But when Manchester City revealed their own set of accounts for the same period on 29 January , also claiming to have met the FFP break-even rule, there were concerns that they would come under intense scrutiny from the UEFA Club Financial Control Body.

The sale of player image rights to an external company has never been attempted by a football club before, [] since they are normally considered as an integral part of their own income, part of which is retained by the player and separated from his salary for tax reasons.

In addition, the club will have to prove that whichever organisation bought its intellectual property rights received fair value for their investment, and that the figure has not been merely agreed with a related party as a device to help overcome the break even principle.

In , a new potential sanction was introduced allowing a club to be retrospectively stripped of a European title if they were later found to have overspent in the process of winning it.

One allows clubs to "plea bargain" sanctions imposed to punish them overspending. The second change provides clubs with the right to challenge plea bargains if they feel they have been negatively affected by the outcome.

In early March, it was also announced that only clubs taking part in European competition during the —14 season will be initially assessed for compliance with the break even rule; the remaining clubs would not be assessed until the following autumn.

In late February , UEFA announced that of the clubs whose accounts were being assessed for compliance with the break even rule over the two year monitoring period, 76 were being investigated and might later face sanctions.

The 76 clubs had been asked to provide the CFCB with updated financial information, and those involved in the more serious cases would be identified in April when the second, judging chamber of the CFCB would decide on and announce the first sanctions.

It was believed that many of the infringements would be found to be quite minor and action would eventually be dropped. All verdicts would be published by June ahead of the qualifying round draws for the —15 Champions League and Europa League competitions, though several clubs were expected to challenge their sanctions at the CAS before the group stage draws in late August.

We are not afraid of them being contested. On 28 April , it was revealed that the initial list of clubs thought to be in danger of failing the break-even rule had been whittled down to less than 20 clubs and that Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain were among them.

It was also disclosed that UEFA had rejected both club's arguments that the sponsorship deals and other declared income streams were legitimate, and that talks were ongoing around potential plea bargains on sanctions.

On 16 May , UEFA announced that they agreed to settlements with nine clubs after Financial Fair Play investigations, with sanctions ranging from break-even targets e.

Later, it was agreed that the money generated from the fines would be split among the Champions League and Europa League clubs who had complied with the rules during the —14 season and the —15 season.

The tournament saw a record entry of 48 teams, testimony to the growing status of the Fairs Cup.

It also produced only the second final not to feature a Spanish team. The competition attracted attention for all the wrong reasons.

Chelsea were pelted with rubbish at Roma and Leeds United fought a bruising encounter with Valencia CF which ended with three dismissals. Leeds also had Johnny Giles sent off in the semi-final against Real Zaragoza.

The tournament saw the emergence of English clubs with Leeds United reaching the final. The subsequent victories of Newcastle United and Arsenal and a second win for Leeds United saw English clubs winning the last four Fairs Cup tournaments.

The last final saw Leeds United declared winners on away goals after drawing with Juventus 3—3 on aggregate.

By replacing the trophy, renaming the competition, and revising the entry regulations, UEFA effectively ended the Fairs Cup.

Among the changes was the abandonment of the "one city one team" rule, which had had a particularly bad effect on English entrants for —70, when Liverpool 2nd , Arsenal 4th , Southampton 7th , and Newcastle United 9th-also holders got the places, at the expense of Everton 3rd , Chelsea 5th , Tottenham Hotspur 6th , and West Ham United 8th.

Everton that year, having come 4th, would have been excluded from the competition due to Liverpool's 2nd-place finish. On 22 September , a one-off match was played between the first ever winners FC Barcelona and the last ever winners Leeds United of the Fairs Cup, to decide who would gain permanent possession of the original trophy.

Barcelona won this play-off 2—1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 14 September Archived from the original on 31 August Retrieved 30 September New format provides fresh impetus".

Archived from the original on 21 March Retrieved 30 March Archived from the original on 29 April Retrieved 14 August Archived from the original on 17 August New Straits Times Press.

Retrieved 15 January Barcelona participated in this first edition of the tournament representing the City of Barcelona, and using, not the colours of the club, but the colours of the city.

Inter-Cities Fairs Cup winners. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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Leeds United 2nd title. Stamford Bridge , London. Camp Nou , Barcelona. Barcelona XI won 8—2 on aggregate. St Andrew's , Birmingham.

Barcelona won 4—1 on aggregate. Stadio Olimpico , Rome. Luis Casanova Stadium , Valencia.

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